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Speed Up Computer with Run commands

Speed Up Computer with Run Commands
Learn how to Speed up computer with run commands to maximum speed available.

When we buy a computer we look for good specifications like RAM, ROM, Speed etc, but the three that I mentioned are every essential we particularly choose. Fine but, how many us use those specifications properly? There may be only few people that use their available memory/speed well and maintain computer faster.

Before knowing about the Run commands let us avoid the following and then perform further steps:
(Scroll down to bottom for Run Commands directly)

1.) Do not put lots of programs to start up when you log into your computer.

Basically when we download software in our computer we install it at lightning speed without reading the instructions provided, the only thing which we care about is next button and go on clicking it. So, some of the programs by default sets it as a start up program. The software is necessary but we don’t want it during start up. So, read carefully the instructions when you download a file/software and choose whether it is necessary to add it to desktop and Startup programs.

If you find that any program is not necessary in startup you remove them. Go to Start > System Configuration> Select normal Startup then in the above tabs Click Startup. You will find the programs work during Startup. Remove those which are not useful.

Note: Don’t remove the programs which you don’t know. Because some of which are useful for internal working.

2.) Avoid keeping many files/folders on screen.

Generally, we keep few files and programs on desktop for fast assessment. But if there are more files on screen the system takes lot of time to load all. So, avoid it.

3.) Avoid adding animations, Graphics, widgets and gadgets.

It looks pretty cool when we have animations and colorful graphics. But that mean you are making computer to process more. If possible don’t engage them in your pc.

4.) Remove all that is not necessary.

Our computer saves lots of temporary files, web cache, and offline web pages. For removing it you can do manually or through disk cleanup option. Although I will tell you how to remove temp files with run commands.

5.) Only add necessary updates.

Run Commands to Speed up Computer:

There are many Run commands to operate the computer and open different folders or programs. When I searched web I found nearly 350 commands put all those are not necessary simply use the commands which I have given.
In the 'start up' search Run and type the following commands and delete the files that appear.

Add/remove programs – appwiz.cpl
Disk clean up Utility – cleanmgr
Disk Defragment –dfrg.msc (Xp), dfrgui(Vista)
Temporary files-Temp
Temporary files-%Temp%
Recent files-Recent
Temporary computer fetching files-Prefetch
This is not much recommended because computer stores all the required data in small files.
Display cache –ipconfig
 While deleting the above files/folders some files won’t get deleted let them be they won’t make any sense.

Shortcut: To open Run Command Press Windows button simultaneously click R
These are some of the basic steps we need to do when our computer is running slow. If you know any further run commands to make your computer faster please mention in the comment box. 


  1. You forget to mention the %system32% delete command it will make your computer 100% faster!! :)

    1. what an idiot this guy is who wrote %system32% if you know this command please go ahead and use it we all are not aware of it.. Although if you really wanna delete it.. the way is just given below just for you step by step.
      1.) Press Window Button and then press R WIN+R.. to open Run Prompt.
      2.) Type System32 and hit enter the folder will open.
      3.) Select all Files & Folder by pressing CTRL+A
      4.) Then Press Shift+Del
      5.) Hit Enter and keep saying yes on whatever the folder asks for the permission to be permanently deleted.

      Trust me your computer will run like crazy with the speed of light. Hahahahaha :) such an idiot you are dude.

    2. Remove this bro, Some idiots will blindly follow the instructions you provided

    3. Remove this or else someone might attempt this

    4. System32 is the main file of computer operating system..do not delete it under any cirumstances!


    6. he should be got some punishment for such bullshit tips for deleting system file. he will get some like that from God

  2. wondered how many tried that one ;)

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  4. search on google about above commands...which is provided by others......for safety....

  5. bro please delete ur ideas, and frnds plz do not do dis, ( WIN+R, system32 and Delete) if u delete ur system will be deleted.

  6. if u want to speed up ur system, dan follw my instruction............
    1st delete ur temporary file frm ur system by using Win key+R and type
    and delete all think from dis 3 folder.
    2nd go to C drive properties, and click "disk cleanup", clean ur C drive.

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